Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stocking Stuffers how-to

Next week, Ross and I are helping host a party for about 80 guests. We want to send the guests off with nice favors and so we turned to good old Martha for ideas. And we landed on this very beautiful one that is gorgeous in presentation and idea. I wanted to share this idea as a stocking stuffer or quick and beautiful gift idea for those who like to give thoughtful gifts in multiples (for the co-workers or teachers in your life) this time of the year. I only know of one good stationary store off the top of my head in Pittsburgh that carries some beautiful papers, so we headed straight there. Wildcard is a great go-to place for stationary and other special gifts and they carry a good selection of local artists as well. We picked up 4 different papers and some chocolate from our trusty source- our fav Trader Joe's dark chocolate.
top row: Rifle Paper Co. wildflower and midnight floral wrap (I am obsessed with their loose, painterly, and dare I say- girly style), bottom row: traditional Florentine style wrap and Smock blue birthday wrap.
1. Measure your chocolate bars and draw out a grid on the back of the paper (this worked out to be 5.25 in. x 4 in. for a bar of TJ's chocolate). If you have a cutting matt, a good ruler, and an xacto, you can do this waaay faster.
2. Carefully, carefully unwrap the outside wrap. That foil is very delicate.
3. Wrap the chocolate bar and make creases on the edge of the bar. I used 3 little pieces of double-sided tape to stick it down. Note the one on the foil and wrap in the center, that holds everything in place.)
4. Finished back side.
5. Finished front side.
6. Voila! I gave myself many pats on the back for how nice this turned out.
Packaging is (almost) everything. Enjoy!

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